ETSS – Education Technology Services & Solutions Center


ETSS is designed to provide learning organizations with creative services and supporting technology solutions in both their Information Technology and Instructional Technology departments.

Outsourcing can be a powerful tool to drive organizational effectiveness if viewed and used correctly. Traditional views of outsourcing can be limiting and marginally effective.

SSS strategically uses outsourcing, whether that is leveraging individual resources creatively or moving toward a managed services model, in very effective and economically responsible service models.

Strategic Staff Solutions

SSS involves looking at outsourcing not as a reactive or strictly project-based solution, but rather, a means of strategically addressing short and long-term staffing needs based on goals and the skillsets needed to successfully attain those goals.

Information Technology Professional Services

SSS information technology professionals provide customized support and consulting to technology professionals dependent on their needs and goals.

Instructional Technology Professional Services

SSS instructional technology professionals support the integration of technology into classrooms. Our goal is to ensure that district assets are used effectively in the classroom as we support or supplement the organization’s efforts.

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Embrace the Power of Technology in Education